Rose Quartz-Unique Bullet with Sterling Silver 925 Chain.
(See Note #3)

Rose Quartz- Bullet/ SS925 RQSS302

$69.00 Regular Price
$64.00Sale Price
    (1) Obsidian Black Quartz: known to Detoxify, dissolves arterial stiffness, reduces arthritis and joint inflammation pain, reduces leg cramps, improves circulation and much more…
    (2) Tiger Eye: is known for its stimulating and motivating effects; beneficial for low mental or physical energy, a slow metabolism, and a less than normal libido…
    (3) Rose Quartz: Rose Quartz is known as a Romance stone as its natural energy properties promotes and attracts Love. It lowers stress, clears anger, insecurity and resentment. Negative emotions and tension that cause heart issues are known to diminish.
    (4) Jade Stone: this soothing green stone is known to be the stone of the heart as it is beneficial to attract and give love. Its properties are particularly helpful for kidney, heart and stomach complaints.
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